Media Shower


At Media Shower, our SEO manifesto isn’t just a philosophy; we’ve built our business around it. Here’s how we bring it all together to deliver amazing SEO results for our customers and clients.

Keywords: Our service  begins with an exhaustive keyword analysis for your business. We identify your top ten golden keywords, then we commit ourselves to them. We actually take their hand in marriage, in a tasteful but elegant ceremony.

Relevance: One of the most common objections we hear is, “You’ll never find a way to make our industry relevant or interesting.” That’s the kind of challenge we love: generating exciting, relevant ideas around even the most “boring” topics, like mortgage refinancing or grout removal.

Content: Great content is in our DNA. Our team of professional journalists and editors are trained to develop killer ideas around your golden keywords, then turn them into amazing content for your website or blog. If you’re after cheap, low-quality content, we’re not for you. If you’re looking to invest in your website and your business, we’d love to work together.

Promotion: We can promote any page on your site, including your homepage; we’ll build as many custom links as you like (minimum 10), and deliver a report when we’re done. Our subscription service offers a steady flow of life-giving links to your site, month in and month out.

Measuring Success: Our subscription service includes our Return on Investment report, which lets you see the impact we’re having on SEO, down to the penny.

Our Media Shower Content Engine powers some of the world’s top websites with great SEO content and links — resulting in higher rankings, more traffic, and more sales for companies like Walmart, Intuit, and Yahoo!

We can make your site a success, too.