Friday Workshops

Beginner User Workshop

Presented by Al DavisUser Track

This workshop is geared to new users of WordPress. In this workshop, I will walk the audience through the wp-admin dashboard, focusing on the… Read More →

Intermediate User Workshop

Presented by Kurt Eng and Jon Bishop • User Track

Do you already have a self-hosted WordPress site? Do you know the basics, but want to harness the power of WordPress? Do you want to step up your skills, find out… Read More →

Information Architecture and WordPress: From Discovery to Code

Presented by Jesse MarpleBeginner Dev Track, Design Track

With the (virtually) limitless power of custom meta and post types we can transform the sleek and user-friendly blogging tool that is WordPress into a custom… Read More →

Designing for WordPress

Presented by Suzette FranckDesign Track

When designing for WordPress, it is important to keep the needs of your target audience in mind with predetermined goals that are specific… Read More →

WordPress Templating with Timber and Twig

Presented by Jared NovackIntermediate Dev Track

In this workshop I’ll give developers and front-end designers an overview of how Twig templates can super-charge theme development, encourage collaboration… Read More →

UX for Theme and Plugin Developers

Presented by Mel Choyce and Kelly DwanIntermediate Dev Track

Let’s face it: themes and plugins aren’t known for their excellent usability or user experience. In this workshop, we’ll go over some basic principles to help…   Read More →

Saturday Sessions

Keynote: The Map And The Territory

Presented by Ethan Marcotte

When we create for the web, we participate in a kind of public art. We code, we design, we build for an audience, shaping digital experiences…Read More →

How WordPress Entrepreneurs Build Their Business

Presented by Matt MedeirosBusiness/Freelance Track

In this session I’ll deliver the strategies that some of the most successful WordPress entrepreneurs have used to build their business… Read More →

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Command Line

Presented by John P. BlochBeginner Dev Track

Whether you use it locally or remotely, the command line is a powerful tool to aid development. This session will go over some tips for becoming… Read More →

Stop Making Things Pretty & Start Designing

Presented by Michelle SchulpDesign Track

Design is not just about themes, graphics, or the look-and-feel of a website. We will discuss “design thinking” as a problem solving strategy… Read More →

Jetpack for Developers

Presented by George StephanisIntermediate Developer Track

In this session, we’ll be looking at how plugin and theme developers can use progressive enhancement to take advantage of Jetpack…Read More →

320, 480, 640, 720, 768, 960, 1024… NO

Presented by Christopher CochranDesign Track

The web is no longer a fix medium, and is rapidly changing daily. In the past month, more smartphones have been released… Read More →

Wicked Fast WordPress

Presented by Chris FerdinandiIntermediate Dev Track

At Google, a 500 millisecond delay (just 0.5 seconds) resulted in a 20% decrease in search traffic. 74% of mobile web users will leave a site if… Read More →

jQuery and WordPress Together, Again!

Presented by Corey FrangIntermediate Dev Track

WordPress has been using jQuery for over six years, but jQuery just recently moved all of their public website onto WordPress! In this talk…Read More →

Decisions, Decisions

Presented by Mike SuszProject Management

WordPress is extremely powerful and flexible to structure content and data. The more you know, the more choices you have… Read More →

Breaking Away from the Blog: Unconventional WordPress

Presented by Steven WordBusiness/Freelance Track

How often have you heard the phrase, “WordPress is great, but I need more than a blog.”? Well, much has changed in the past decade…Read More →

The UX of Real-Time Site Personalization

Presented by Jesse FriedmanBusiness/Freelance Track

Last year, I started building what I like to call “Dynamic Web Environments”, which are way more than just websites. My idea was… Read More →

PHP Unit Testing

Presented by Eric MannAdvanced Dev Track

Imagine a world where your code is tested for bugs before each and every deployment. Where your code can tell if anything broke since the last time you… Read More →

Blogging for Reach

Presented by Dan StoltsUser Track

Tips, Tricks and Tools used by Blogger ITProGuru (Dan Stolts) to become one of the top Microsoft bloggers. Dan will share…Read More →

10 Interview Questions I Ask Every Developer

Presented by Jake GoldmanBusiness/Freelance Track

Over the last few years, I’ve hired more than 30 WordPress developers, and have considered over 100 applicants. There are about…Read More →

Evolving your JavaScript with Backbone.js

Presented by K.Adam WhiteIntermediate Developer Track

WordPress 3.6 includes version 1.0 of Backbone.js, the JavaScript library that powers the new WordPress media uploader… Read More →

Anatomy of a WordPress Hack

Presented by Brennen ByrneBeginner Developer Track

This session will go through examples of several common attacks, vulnerabilities that allowed them to happen in core, how they were fixed… Read More →

Sweet bbPress Secrets

Presented by John James JacobyIntermediate Developer Track

In this session, I’ll talk about all the secret functions, actions, filters, and generally awesomely powerful stuff that’s packaged in bbPres…Read More →

Woocommerce Setup and Launch in 30m

Presented by Matthew NelsonUser Track

Ever wanted to set up an online shop? Thought it would be too difficult and complicated? For some time that was definitely the case… Read More →

Why Custom Post Types are Awesome

Presented by Dan BeilBeginner Dev Track

This session will provide a short crash course in registering a CPT and meta boxes and then dive into the CPT loop and all the fun stuff… Read More →

Git for 5 Year Olds

Presented by Jon HellerBeginner Dev Track

Git, the utility for managing and sharing your code, has gone from a bleeding edge tool for only the most hardcore developers, to something… Read More →

Advanced Customizer Usage

Presented by Matt WeibeAdvanced Developer Track

The Customizer is great, but there’s very little knowledge out there for building advanced controls with it, since its JavaScript API is currently undocumented… Read More →

Legal Updates for Techies

Presented by Louise Leduc KennedyBusiness/Freelance Track

Whether you provide computer or web services, or manage, write or commission a blog, 2013 has seen a number of developments in the laws that impact… Read More →

The Dark Magic of WordPress 3.7

Presented by Andrew NacinIntermediate Developer Track

Description TBA Read More →

Beyond Posts and Pages: Getting Chunky with WordPress

Presented by John EckmanUser Track

The introduction of Custom Content Types was one of the core tipping points where WordPress went from a solid blogging platform on which you… Read More →

Building a Network of Public School Websites on a Public School Budget

Presented by Jon MossBusiness/Freelance Track

There are countless examples of individual PreK-12 and Higher Education teachers and professors using WordPress for course websites…Read More →

Sunday Sessions

Caching; For Fun and Profit

Presented by Mohammad Jangda • Intermediate Dev Track

Understanding different caching tools and techniques available to WordPress developers such as the Transient and Object Caching APIs… Read More →

Navigating the World of E-commerce

Presented by Lindsay BranscombeBusiness/Freelance Track

E-commerce is a massive topic. So many options and use case scenarios make settling on a final platform for building your shop overwhelming… Read More →

WordPress Security

Presented by Sam HotchkissBeginner Dev Track

In this talk, I’ll show you how to keep attackers out of your site. During the first half of this talk we’ll go over the basics; talk about some common attacks… Read More →

Don’t Do Anything Without a Statement of Work!

Presented by Suzette FranckProject Management

Your Statement of Work should contain a line-by-line itemization of all tasks that are outside the native functionality of WordPress, without using plugins… Read More →

Optimize Your WordPress Site with Analytics and Testing

Presented by Christina IngeBusiness/Freelance Track

Today’s web developers can have a wealth of data at their fingertips on who site visitors are, how they find a site, and what they do once they’re there. Using that… Read More →

What you need to know about SEO in 2013

Presented by Casie GilletteBusiness/Freelance Track

SEO is changing every day and with the most recent Google updates, tactics that used to work are resulting in site penalizations… Read More →

Do I Need Managed Hosting? A Tale of Two Servers

Presented by Mika EpsteinUser Track

Charles’ website has been popular from day one, and he’s had the means to back it up via a VPS. With a WordPress expert on tap… Read More →

Triple-A Blogging: How to Blog Like a Semi-Pro

Presented by Michael CainUser Track

Not everyone can be the next Daily Beast, Smashing Mag, or Daring Fireball, but with a little bit of time and effort, you can make the most of your blog… Read More →

Composer: An Introduction to PHP Depedency Management

Presented by Bradley JacobsAdvanced Developer Track

Composer has gained a lot of popularity and momentum in the past year. This session will be a brief crash course in PHP dependency management using Composer… Read More →

Web Design Best Practices for Non-Designers

Presented by Lisa WoodUser Track, Design Track

Creating a website using WordPress is easier now than ever, but how do you make sure your design isn’t hideous to look at? To non-designers… Read More →

Theme Creep and What to Do About It

Presented by David HayesProject Management

WordPress themes have a frustrating tendency to do too many things. They get unwieldy, unmaintainable, and lock people into using their current theme instead… Read More →