10 Interview Questions I Ask Every Developer

Over the last few years, I’ve hired more than 30 WordPress developers, and have considered over 100 applicants.

There are about 20 questions I consistently ask most serious candidates, from philosophical – “Tell me about something that really frustrates you about WordPress right now”- to big picture – “Tell me about the two fundamental hook types in WordPress, and the difference between them” to granular – “What’s the best way to prevent posts in a specific category from showing up in the blog home?” Sometimes there’s more than one right answer, sometimes there’s really one right answer. There are plenty of *really* bad answers.

These are 10 questions that range from developer basics, to advanced WordPress development, to developer philosophy that help me suss out just how “expert” a candidate really is.

Whether you’re contracting a developer to build your site, hiring a full time engineer, or just want to see if *you* can pass the 10up test, this talk is for you.